Overcoming maths and language difficulties for those who just don’t “get it.”

In a typical classroom there is a proportion of students who “just don’t get it.” Despite the best efforts of classroom teachers, certain students struggle with instruction due to a number of reasons such as dyslexia, attention deficit, auditory processing disorder, or perceptual visual/auditory challenges.

Students can present as lacking confidence, not flourishing even though they seem intelligent, and are not receiving the benefit of instruction. It’s difficult to know who these students are because they often present as other students who don’t have such learning challenges. Often students with such difficulties can be very articulate despite their language deficits.

Orton-Gillingham Multi-sensory Instruction

Our teachers are fully-trained in helping children and adults improve their language and learning skills through the Orton-Gillingham methodology, which has been proven time and time again to help students with learning differences.

Orton-Gillingham methodology is based on creating a multi-sensory learning environment, using kinesthetic (movement), auditory (hearing) and visual (sight). This approach allows information to reach the brain through multiple avenues simultaneously, making it easier for students to grasp new concepts and retain information.

The instruction is one-to-one and highly interactive, allowing us to work with children at their own pace. At Bridges, students aren’t simply being taught basic maths and language skills – they’re learning a comprehensive, effective way of learning which can benefit them not just at school, but for the rest of their lives.

Experienced And Evidence-Based Learning

With over 20 years teaching experience, and countless hours of training to help children with learning differences, we know our instruction works. In fact, we guarantee it.

We know that multi-sensory learning is a key to unlocking a child’s love of learning, and we’ve seen the evidence with our own eyes. Even way back in our first term of operation, every single student achieved grade-level reading skills after 10 hours of specialist instruction.

Our teachers are fully trained by the Australian Dyslexic Association and Canadian Dyslexic Society, we’re certified teachers, and expertly trained and experienced in multi-sensory learning techniques. We’ve helped so many students achieve their academic potential, and we’d love to help your family too.

What we offer

One-to-One Language Therapy​
One-to-One Maths Therapy
Intensive Language and Maths Sessions
Group Writing Process Sessions
Online Sessions
Maths and Language Assessments
Parent Consultations
Teacher/Tutor Mentoring
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Building Confidence Quickly

With Bridges, you will see reading, writing, spelling, and maths skills develop, even when other instructional methods and programs haven’t worked. We pinpoint learning gaps and tailor multi-sensory instruction to the individual.

Noticeable changes start to occur rapidly, typically within 5 hours of specialist instruction. Children begin to feel more capable as learners, and this makes their educational journey so much more stress-free – for parents too.

Our tailored, one-to-one teaching methods reinforce a student’s success, building confidence and self-worth quickly. It’s amazing how a student’s attitude to learning can change so quickly when key knowledge gaps are addressed, and they receive the personalised assistance they need.

Sessions are one hour in length, individualised, and intensive.

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