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We offer, intense, one hour sessions individualized to the specific needs of each student.

Bridges Multisensory Learning Centre helps children, students and adults to improve their writing, reading and maths skills through cognitive, personalised multisensory education techniques. With a focus on students experiencing learning differences, our therapeutic learning methods are designed to boost confidence, improve comprehension and help to discover a fresh love of learning.

We even help to train teachers, parents, tutors and anybody involved in a child’s education.


One-to-One Language Therapy

Our highly interactive and personalised language instruction focuses on several areas that are integral to continued learning.

• Phonoloigical awareness

• Decoding (reading)

• Comprehension

• Spelling

• Encoding (hearing a sound and writing a letter)

• Vocabulary

Using the tried and tested Orton-Gillingham multisensory learning approach, we help students to develop their language skills in a therapeutic learning environment. Or curriculum is very much driven by a student’s individual needs, and combines movement, hearing and sight to help information reach the brain through multiple senses simultaneously.

The program also focuses heavily on positive reinforcement, recognising achievement, and growing a student’s confidence as they learn.



One-to-One Maths Therapy

Our highly effective and intensive maths therapy has been proven to bring results for students experiencing learning differences. Through diagnostic assessment, we’re able to tailor our instruction to meet a student’s individual needs and fill in the specific knowledge gaps that are holding them back.

Our multisensory maths instruction focuses on three key areas:

• Building (showing a problem and with blocks)

• Writing (writing the problem and answer)

• Visual (explaining the problem and how the answer is reached)

This approach engages multiple senses to assist with memory and retention of skills, and a student’s individual progress will guide their learning program.


Intensive Language and Maths Sessions

If you need to catch up on some missing language or maths skills quickly, we offer a more intensive program designed to get your child back on track quickly. The instruction is similar to our normal sessions; however, we will work together with your child 3-5 times per week.

To enhance your child’s chance of catching up within a school term, or even between terms, our intensive language and maths sessions are designed specifically for quick results.

Multi-Sensory Learning

Group Writing Process Sessions

While most of our instruction is done one-to-one, we also find that students can benefit greatly from participating in group learning. We offer group writing sessions where 2-5 students will come together to learn abut the structure of writing – from the basics of subjects, verbs and simple, compound and complex sentences, all the way through to phrases, sentences and different forms of paragraphs.

These sessions are particularly suited to students at a similar level of proficiency, and we teach for a mastery of the written word.


Online Sessions

This will be online sessions description


Maths and Language Assessments

If you know your child is experiencing difficulties at school, it can be frustrating for parent and child. It can also be difficult to pinpoint the source of these issues, making the problem even more difficult to solve.

At Bridges, we can help with specialised diagnostic maths and language assessments, which can highlight knowledge gaps and help plan the way forward. We understand a parent’s desire to help their child’s education, and our assessments can give you a much clearer picture of where your child is at.


Parent Consultations

Helping a child who is experiencing learning differences can be difficult at the best of times. As parents, children rely on you for love and support, but we understand that not everybody is trained to help students academically if they experience dyslexia, ADHD or other processing differencing.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Our trained, experienced and highly qualified teachers can help parents too. We offer parent consultations where we can assist you in overcoming your child’s learning difficulties. Tutoring and multisensory learning programs are one part of the equation, but supporting parents to help their child get the most out of our program is equally important.


Teacher/Tutor Mentoring

We also provide supportive Orton-Gillingham courses and workshops which enable teachers, tutors, speech pathologists or occupational therapists the opportunity to teach using a proven methodology. After completion of the course, an online resource can be accessed with unlimited resources to create your own lesson plans using Anglo-Saxon, Latin or Greek resource databases.

This unique, specialised guidance helps to give insight and perspective into the specific needs of children who have foundational challenges with maths or language.

Evidence Based Approach

Barry Rasmussen is a certified OrtonGillingham Practical Linguistics Teacher, trained by a Fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. He is in private practice and is the founder of Bridges Multisensory Learning Centre where he teaches, mentors and provides consultations and assessments. Barry uses The Great Word House™ program as an indispensable tool in the creation of basic and advanced lesson plans, phonemic awareness activities, and supporting materials.

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